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Why “Lion’s Hope”? First, I have long been a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia work by C.S. Lewis. I even read them to my children. So, when the movies began to come out, it was already “in our blood”.  Also, the name of my farm is “Lion’s Hope”. Now, the reason for the name is not only the allegorical representation of Jesus Christ, Aslan, in Narnia, but also the Biblical description of Jesus as the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” in Revelation 5:5 that has the authority to overcome despair and grant hope.

So, I want this blog to be hopeful, with words of deliverance. So many blogs are full of useless rhetoric and critical observation, I’d like to contribute edifying words to your day and your heart as you read. I also want to connect the readers with ways they can be a part of the Lion’s work in this world until the day of the Lion’s return. Until then we hope.

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