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Where we are working - Citrus City

Citrus City

I heard several of our team humming, whistling, singing songs today. Maybe it was the intense heat that made people more musical, but I think it was the fact we felt like God was working in and through us here in Mission, TX. The VBS team had a good start. The Women’s Ministry had four women, but they are all bringing friends tomorrow. The Construction Team got a house insulated and started on drywall. It was the right kind of Monday for us here.
Our team is small, but we are here. In fact, just a few years ago, mission teams were so large and plentiful here it was hard to find a place to stay. Now, whether it be the sour economy or fears of the violence, we are the only team staying at Valley Baptist Retreat. That’s too bad, because it really isn’t dangerous at all. It’s just hot (but isn’t it where you are too?)
One member of our team was the most musical today – Marty Burks. It is his birthday, and as he has for several years, he’s spent it working in the heat in the Valley. Nevertheless, he sang and hummed. I didn’t need an iPod. I’m grateful Marty came. His music was better.
Somebody else is whereever you are today. In fact, He is always there. It’s Jesus. He has a song for you. If you listen, you’ll be glad Jesus is there with you too.

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