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Heart Repair

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tomorrow I have heart surgery. We went to class today at the surgeon’s office to get ready for it. Medically, the procedure that is scheduled is called “Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Prolapse Repair/Replacement”. But, the fact the fact that someone is going to cut a hole in my side, spread my ribs apart, deflate my lung, stop my heart, cut into my heart, operate on a valve, restart my heart, and close the incisions leaving me with a chest tube, a catheter, and ventilator tubes in me doesn’t sound very “minimal”.

I’m not whining. Multitudes have worse diagnoses than mine with little hope for surgical repair. I’m just saying that something so involved can be called, “minimal”. It is “major” to me as the procedure will bring a level of health I haven’t known in years.

As I head to sleep this night, I remember the prayer of my Savior, “if it is possible (if there was some other way to bring about life) let this cup pass.” Like Jesus (and I am definitely not like Jesus) I don’t want to go through the pain and recovery of this surgery. But because there is no other way to life than this, no other way for me to be the strong husband, father, pastor, man that God needs me to be and that I want to be for God, I will go through this.

So, what I’m trying to say, is that I get it. Once again, I get it. I get in the tiniest fraction that my human mind and eternal soul can grasp what Jesus was praying in that Gethsemane Garden. He new what was best, but he was going to go through even worse physical abuse than I will and he did it without anesthesia, antibiotics, painkillers AND without a lot of friends and family around to cheer Him on telling Him that He was doing the right thing. I’m nowhere close to experiencing what He did, but He is letting me understand Him more. And, that alone is worth it! Thankfully, there will be more. More life. More love. And, yes, more Jesus!

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