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Seeing helps

It can be tempting when on mission to spend time wondering what causes some people to be in situations of need like in the Colonias. In John 9, Jesus’ disciples come upon blind man and wonder the cause. Jesus works past their shortsightedness and shares with them the vision of God – sometimes suffering is just that, suffering,  and when we do something about people’s suffering we glorify God.

This week, I’ve been so proud of our church and the team they’ve sent to the Rio Grande Valley. They’ve poured themselves creatively into helping people who are living in tough situations. The women’s ministry team hasn’t postulated on the life history of the women to whom they reaching, they’ve just loved them and taught them from God’s Word. The youth leading VBS haven’t singled children out or worried that there is a language barrier, they’ve used their energy to love Jesus and let the children join in. The Construction team has sweated love in the finished classrooms at Salida del Sol church and onto the new floor in a children’s house (see yesterday’s blog for more on this).

You can see pictures from the first two days by clicking on the following link. It will take you to my Facebook photo album, and you don’t need a Facebook account to see them. Just click the following link or the picture below:  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2029679&id=1358683529&l=874c022ccc

Lifting up children and seeing Jesus at work

Lifting up children and seeing Jesus at work

Tomorrow, we’ll all see some people in need again. Especially when we host a block party in the Colonia. I figure several hundred people will come. We prepared food bags for fifty families and have tons of stuff to make Frito pies. Buckner Border Ministries will have a couple of inflatables there. Pastor Ruben of the Salida del Sol church will lead in worship. I believe some people with spiritual blindness will be made to see the Love of God in Jesus Christ. That will help us all and will glorify God.

Vision, can’t see without it.


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