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Thank you for reading this and praying for us, as it’s really just another tale of how we got from point A to point B. But, like any journey (if you know how to look) we had pleasant surprises.

First, I learned my son travels like a seasoned globetrotter. Yes, he was excited for his first plane ride longer than an hour and he didn’t just endure it, he conquered it, all 16 hours of it (14 in one plane). Caleb has a gift of being laid back at just the right moments. He also stayed aware of our location and snapped this pic when we crossed the Black Sea. (Pray for peace in Crimea.)

Second, we are joined by the Jackson’s on this trip, and I highly recommend them as traveling partners. This is Vickie’s first trip to the Holy Land, and she is anticipating it all. However, her motherly love outshone her anticipation when her son met us at the airport on Istanbul. (I’m amazed at how we can maneuver our way around the world with such accuracy.)

Third, we met some really nice people while packed in a plane. Nayif is headed home to see family he hasn’t had time off to see in a year. Some others are headed to Israel to tour for the first time (I liked asking what the were wanting to see.) a Still others are traveling for a wedding. (The cake must be awesome to travel this far.)

Finally, the destination was why we journeyed. We had flights with no incidents, nice food and service, but it’s hard to beat the hospitality of the Kakishes. Pastor picked us up at the airport and got us to our hotel.

Tomorrow we are up and out early to travel to Galilee.
That’s when this blog gets going.
Rest well, fellow travelers. May God’s Mercy be on you.


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